Startup Advisory

At Decifer, we provide actionable solutions for the various complexities that you might face as a startup. We help our clients develop a wholesome, compelling value proposition, and accelerate the growth cycle by adding to the business plan and providing strategic advice.

As resourceful startup business generalists, we provide services such as-

1. Business model design and development: We help you decide the business plan and way forward for your startup, in a way that will make the best of your business idea and your finances.

2. Financial forecasting and startup CFO work: This includes helping you get off the ground, and predicting the financial state of your startup, according to the investment environment, and the business plan in place.

3. Development of a market strategy and plan: We help you get your product off your small-scale production lines, into the market, and hopefully into a large-scale assembly line.

4. Advisory board recruiting and/or participation: Need help getting more management-level staff and counsellors for your brainchild? We take care of that too!