Global Outsourcing Solutions

Our service in global outsourcing covers you when you’re a business looking to expand beyond the lines of national divide. Under this service, we see your business through the difficult stages of:

● Setting up in a foreign environment

● Getting functional transactional support

● Setting up operational finances and accounts

● Compliance to foreign regulations and policies

Regardless of whether you’re a multinational corporation or a domestic one, growth-related transactions that transcend borders are difficult to process in an economic environment as complex as India’s. Factors that add to the trouble are:

● Tedious approval processes

● Ambiguous regulatory and policy frameworks

Decifer provides customized outsourcing solutions, suited to your needs; our team is made of members with expertise in specific segments, from Finance & Accounting to Human Resources.

As a part of our services under Global Outsourcing Solutions, we:

1. Prepare your financial accounts according to the US GAAP or the IFRS

2. File returns after converting your financial statements with XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language)

3. Manage your international transactions and accounting